Tottenham, Mourinho expects “another transfer market”

The Tottenham coach is aware of the effects of Coronavirus on the next transfer window and talked about Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son.

No more madness with size and excess spending, with the Coronavirus pandemic and the financial crisis as a result, the major European clubs are aware that they will not have the same strike force during the next transfer window. Even if the European Championships end, the clubs will not make as much money as expected and must therefore be careful. In an interview with Sky Sports, José Mourinho confirmed that he expects a transfer market different from the others.

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“I think it’s normal to have a different market. I don’t see the world, and especially the football world, ready for some crazy numbers that we used to have, and some crazy investments that the clubs or championships are used to making. But my first question after that is: when will the transfer window take place? Since I don’t think it will be in July, August, it should go further than that “, said the Spurs coach.

“We want to play”

“I would like my club to be what I know it will be: sensible, balanced, who will not spend much money, and we try to adapt to the situation, not only in football but in the world and society in general.”added the Portuguese who look forward to resuming the competition: “Honestly, since the Bundesliga resumed and the Portuguese and Spanish championships announced the resumption date, I think this is the hardest time for us because we want to play. It’s hard to see other countries playing while we can’t“.

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José Mourinho told his players and hopes to recover Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son in the beginning: “I can’t say right now that they are ready to play because one thing is to recover after an injury, and another is to be ready to play football. In Harry’s case, I think he hasn’t played in about five months, but they aren’t all injured anymore. They train, and training is what it is right now, training has many limits. We can’t compete, we can’t compete against each other, we have to keep a certain distance, we can’t compete “.

“Harry Kane, Son, Bergwijn, Sissoko, everyone is good. I think with a few weeks of normal training, when the authorities say we can train normally, I think that in a few weeks the boys will be ready to play, obviously not to their full potential, I think no one can do it right now. For us, of course, it’s a great feeling, because we ended the period of this defeat in Leipzig, where we really struggled, really to have 11 players, including attacking players, and right now ( Erik) Lamela, Son, Dele (Alli), Harry Kane, Bergwijn, everyone is in good shape now“, the Portuguese concluded.