woman called to police over black dog

Video showing tense exchange between two strollers in Central Park, New York, has gone viral on social media and amounts to more than 41million views on Twitter, two days after posting. A young woman is seen calling the police when the man, a black man, called her to ask her to keep her dog on a leash. Women’s attitudes are considered racist on social networks.Chrisitan Cooper posted a video on his Facebook wall on May 25, filmed that morning in New York’s largest park, Central Park, on Manhattan Island.

It shows a woman with her dog talking to the author of the video and asking him to stop filming it. The woman threatens to call the police, after which Christian Cooper replies: “Please do!”. The caller then dials 911, the US emergency number and poses as an attack victim for “an African American man” when she describes the agent at the end of the line.

During the conversation, the woman radically changes her voice, which becomes shaky and scared: “I’m in Central Park, an African-American man threatening my life and my dog! Send the police immediately!”, She yells into the receiver.

Christian Kop’s video also garnered over 4 million views on Facebook and was shared 17,000 times. The author, a young black man, is an ornithologist belonging to the association Audubon from New York. the story he told the US media CNN, before the video begins, Christian Cooper crosses the lad’s dog without a leash, shredding plants in Ramble, a pristine area of ​​New York Park, popular with bird watchers for the many species of birds that live there.

Christian Cooper asks the woman to keep her dog on a leash, which she refuses. He then tries to lure the animal with the help of cookies, which provokes the anger of his caller. The woman screams at him: “Don’t touch my dog!”, Christian decides to film the exchange “as a precaution”.

The terms “karen“Invited here by Christian Kop’s sister is part of derogatory American slang for appointing white women 40-60years, with a conservative vision of society.

Neither arrest nor sentencing to the police after the changeMelody Cooper, Kristin’s sister, told Internet users about her brother’s situation after the incident. After the change, “the woman put a leash on her dog and my brother left to watch the birds before the police arrived,” she said in a tweet.

According to a New York City police spokesman, officials went to Ramble in Central Park after 8:10 p.m. There were no arrests or lawsuits, reports said local media.

The white woman’s attitude, identified as Amy Cooper, caused widespread annoyance among Internet users. For many of them, she consciously tried to endanger Christian Cooper’s life not just by calling the police, but above all by stating that he was a black man and by believing that she was really in danger.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also condemned Amy Cop’s behavior, describing it as “outright racism” because she “called the police for being black.”

Some Internet users support the young woman’s position, as this tweet: “A stranger who gives treats to my pet is like a stranger who gives treats to my child. I understand the reason but that can be misinterpreted.” This kind of reaction is still a minority on social networks.

The young woman suspended from her employ by her employerThis incident happened in a very specific context: the same day, the very violent arrest of a black man in Minneapolis after leading to his death filmed and resurrected tensions over the treatment of American police toward African Americans. If the change between the young woman and the ornithologist had no consequences, Internet user Amy Cooper accused of contacting police with full awareness of the potential repercussions of her conversation.

The city’s first deputy commissioner for his part explained the New York Channel Pix11 that the race cited by the woman was “confusing” and admitted that she was wrong not to obey the park’s law.

The action from Amy Cooper was not entirely without consequence: the day after the video was released, on May 26, the company that employs Amy Cooper in a tweet announced the cancellation of the latter contract.