Cellino: “Balotelli no longer has its head in Brescia”

According to the President of Brescia, Mario Balotelli is no longer motivated to continue his journey with the last in Serie A.

There is no official separation, but Massimo Cellino’s words resonate as a goodbye to Mario Balotelli. The Italian striker, who returned to his city last summer, seems to be getting closer and closer.

Cellino, interviewed by Telelombardia, was clear and stressed that Balotelli’s future is taking shape elsewhere than in Brescia. The Super Mario stay, according to the former manager of Cagliari, did not go as planned and therefore the separation seems inevitable. And the fact that Brescia finished last in the Italian championship only reinforces this hypothesis. “With the descent to Serie B, the Balotelli contract will in all likelihood be canceled. It will soon be free of any commitment”, he explained. However, Cellino does not want to turn to justice to enforce the dismissal: “I try to avoid the courts, the Balotelli case is also enlarged because there is not much to say where football is still on it.”

In the past, Cellino had already expressed his views on Balotelli and mentioned in particular his several errors. “Corini (the former coach) loved him, turned his eyes to his delays. It’s a little disappointing, maybe he will be disappointed too.”

Finally, Cellino said that Balotelli is already thinking about his future challenge: “He is a boy in particular, I take it for granted that he already has his head somewhere else. It is nothing but what he has always done, he is a bit anarchist.”