Italian Serie A will resume its rights on June 20

A few hours after the announcement of the revival of the Premier League, it is Serie A’s turn to state its schedule. Italian professional football is expected to resume on June 20, three days after its English equivalent.

While the League seems to be on the road to recovery on June 12 and the Premier League just started on June 17, it seemed hard to imagine that the Italian football championship could stay on the side. Interrupted on March 9 by the epidemic of the new coronavirus, Series A will resume on June 20, announced the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora.

“The Technical and Scientific Committee has approved the protocol and the Federation has assured me that it has a Plan B and Plan C. Against these considerations, the championship can be resumed on June 20,” said M Spadafora after a meeting with Italian the governing body of football.

Plan B and Italian cup

In the event of a new verdict due to a deterioration in the health situation, the federation has in fact provided a “play-off and play-out system” as “plan B”. Plan C mentioned by the Minister concerns the case of a permanent interruption in the contest.

“We had a very useful meeting. From the beginning, I said that football could restart when all safety conditions had been met and with the approval of the technical and scientific committee for the various protocols. Italy started again, football is also normal,” he added.

“I also hope to send a positive signal to the whole country by taking advantage of the week from June 13 to June 20 to finish the Italian Cup. It would be a good signal with three beautiful matches clear” on TV, Mr. Spadafora.

The Italian Cup was canceled after the first semi-final between Inter Milan and Naples on the one hand and between AC Milan and Juventus on the other.

Ligue 1, the only major championship that is permanently suspended

The championship was stopped after 26e day. There are therefore 12 full days to go, plus four late matches out of the 25e day.

The announcement of the resumption of the Italian Championship comes a few hours after that of the English Championship, which will start on June 17.

The German championship has already been resumed ten days ago and football players from the Spanish Liga will return to the schedule on June 8.

Of the five major European championships, the French Ligue 1 is the only one that has definitely been canceled. Italian Series B (Second Division) starts again on June 26.

With AFP