masks, gloves … that’s what a compound picked up from the bottom of the Mediterranean

The French association “Operation Clean Sea”, which warns of marine pollution, posted on its Facebook page on May 23 images of surgical masks and latex gloves recovered from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in Antibes, in the Alps. Maritime. These images have caused uproar among Internet users.In the first photos, published on May 23, we see surgical masks and latex gloves lying on the bottom of the ocean. In two hours, the association “Operation Clean Sea”, which prevents marine debris, indicates that he has collected four masks and ten gloves. This post sparked outrage: it was shared more than 7,000 times on Facebook.

“Operation COVID 19 this morning … that’s it, the first disposable masks arrived in the Mediterranean!” Announces the association “Operation Clean Sea” on Facebook by publishing images of masks and gloves found at the bottom of the ocean on Saturday, May 23.

On the same day, the association forwards a video of Laurent Lombard, co-founder and liberator of the association “Operation Clean Sea”. In this video, Laurent Lombard is filming a dive in the Mediterranean. In two minutes 20 he brought up a dozen latex gloves and almost as many masks. The video is accompanied by this legend: “Do you want to swim with COVID-19 this summer …? (….) We waited for them to arrive but not in the right place … the first disposable masks have appeared in the Mediterranean. ..! “. It has been viewed more than 160,000 times.

On Facebook, internet users were annoyed.