study on the development of the pandemic on the continent

As the Covid-19 pandemic slowly continues to develop in Africa, our correspondents have produced a series of reports and interviews across the continent. From Cameroon to South Africa, via Tunisia, Senegal and Madagascar, they investigated the development of the pandemic. Do African countries resist coronavirus better than others? How is the ending going? Finally, what about social distance?

Our reports and interviews:

– In Cameroon, the impossible social distances in the narrow buses in Yaoundé, the capital. Report by Marcel Amoko

>> To read: “In Cameroon, the Raoult Method was Constructed as a State Protocol”

– In South Africa, a country without open-air markets, supermarkets are at the heart of the spread of Covid-19. Caroline Dumay Report

– In Senegal, meeting with doctor Abdoulaye Bousso, director of health operations. He finds out about the development of the disease in his country and across the continent. Interview by Sarah Sakho.

>> To see our interview with Dr. Amadou Sall: “The Pasteur de Dakar Institute wants to facilitate the discovery of Covid-19 in Africa”

– In Tunisia, the time is for deconfinance. Our correspondent Lilia Blaise went to Bizerte, Sousse and Tunis, the capital.

>> To see, our interview with Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh: “We have come to control the epidemic from Covid-19 in Tunisia”

– In Madagascar, the virus and restrictive measures affect small traders and cause their income to decline. Report by Gaëlle Borgia.

>> To see, our interview with Madagascan President Andry Rajoelina: “The problem with Covid-Organic cure is that it comes from Africa”

A program coordinated by Nicolas Germain.