unemployment rose by 22% in April

In France, the number of unemployed registered a new record increase for a month in April in category A, according to data published on Thursday by the Ministry of Labor and Pôle Emploi. This unprecedented increase brings more than 4.5 million people into the workforce.

The number of unemployed job seekers exploded in France in April. The widespread containment that was in the midst of a health crisis resulted in an unprecedented monthly increase that brought the Category A workforce to more than 4.5 million people.

According to data published Thursday, May 28 by the Department of Labor and Pôle emploi, the number of job seekers registered in category A – without any activity – in France (excluding Mayotte) jumped 22.6% last month, or 843,000 more people compared to March.

The number of unemployed had registered a record increase of 7.1% for a month in March in category A.

In total, the labor force in categories A, B and C increased only by 209,300 or + 3.6%. However, this represents “the largest monthly increase ever recorded” since the creation of these statistics in 1996, and the labor force crosses the field of six million to 6.064 million for job seekers for the first time.

With AFP and Reuters