“United States – China: how the Cold War sets in”

In the press, on Thursday, May 28, 2020, the French press is concerned about rising tensions between China and the United States. The one from the Zimbabwean press, ahead of the country’s repression. And the Algerian protest movement, Hirak, in times of containment.

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“The crisis caused by the new corona virus increases the tension between the United States and China, engaging in a struggle for influence that can polarize the world,” according to La Croix, who worries about seeing this rivalry paralyze international institutions during the Cold War. “As in the time of the East-West confrontation, tensions between Washington and Beijing continue to grow, but the balance of power is no longer as evident as before,” according to L’Opinion, where Kak’s drawing shows US President Donald Trump at the top of the world stage, while the Chinese President Xi Jinping is busy building his own.

The press also has accusations against Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Robert Mugabe’s successor, accused of persecuting his critics with the same methods as the former dictator. According to local press reports from Courrier International, three young opposition women said they were beaten and raped after being arrested by police. The Zimbabwe Independent reports that “the alleged kidnapping and torture of opposition members by security forces indicates that Robert Mugabe’s brutal rule is returning”. “Many celebrated (his) case by believing to see the beginning of a new era (…). Yes, it was Waterloo of Mugabe, but not the end of a repressive system.”

The oppressed are also preventing the militants of the Algerian protest movement, Hirak, from demonstrating because of sanitary measures against Covid-19 and facing “a revival of arbitrary arrests”. The release tells how the protest is trying to reinvent itself on social networks, while attacks against freedom of the press are also increasing – as evidenced by the blocking of several independent news media and the arrests of journalists, especially Khaled Drareni, whose release refused justice yesterday.

The Algerian government also decided yesterday to “immediately” recall its ambassador to Paris for “consultation”, according to Liberté-Algérie, who reports that this decision follows the dissemination, on Tuesday, of public channels French reports on Hirak, including a documentary , “Algérie mon amour”, which sparked heated debates on social networks in the country. Reports that Algiers presented as “obviously spontaneous and under the pretext of freedom of speech”. But, according to the government, constitute attacks “against the Algerian people and their institutions”.