Caiazzo: “Why were we asked to quit?”

ASSE Co-Chair Bernard Caiazzo recognizes that the decision to quit Ligue 1 is starting to hug.

While they had the impression of accepting the decision made by the government and the LFP, the leaders of the French club today seem frustrated by the premature end of the champions. A decision supported by the fact that all other major European leagues have taken over or will take over.

Interviewed by Eurosport, Bernard Caiazzo, president of ASSE, confirmed this sentiment, indicating that the misunderstanding is also mixed with a hint of anger. “We had to stop and close our championship on government bans, he said. We had no choice. Believe me, this did not please us because 25% of our economy is on the ground but we followed orders as a good citizen. At that time we thought that all the championships would follow, but given that it all started again, I admit that the French clubs were getting worse and worse. We wonder today why we were asked to stop our championship. “

The ASSE strongman then confirmed, and contrary to what some might think, the clubs had nothing to say in the decision made: “It’s a government position, not a choice of French clubs. You do not stop an activity with pleasure. We follow. It is obvious that the clubs had no interest in the championships stopping, but we are good citizens.

Finally, Caiazzo confirmed that there will inevitably be major financial losses and that football is likely to be seriously affected by this cut. “We estimate the loss of € 600 million for French football. When it comes to European competitiveness, I hope it will not be deadly, but the government has pushed us to its feet. We have an obvious handicap compared to our neighbors. “