Friendship matches allowed in July

LFP has just announced that professional clubs will be able to organize friendly meetings as early as July.

The Professional Football League has just announced surprising news. To prepare for the 2020/2021 season, the L1 and L2 clubs will be able to compete in friendly from July.

A meeting of the body was held this Friday, and it is stated at its close “that the 2020-2021 season will be able to restart as agreed next August with friendly preparation matches in July”. The purpose of this initiative is to help the teams prepare for the new practice, but also to allow PSG and OL to gain momentum before their respective Champions League matches.

OL and relegated clubs have something to anger

The move is surprising given that the government had banned large-scale sporting events until September, or at best until August. And it was this decree that led LFP to stop the championship prematurely.

With the announcement of the day, the feeling of injustice will increase further among clubs such as the Olympics, Amiens and Toulouse, who had firmly contested the final verdict and driven with all their might to have the decision that served them canceled.

Supporters at the stadium from the beginning?

In addition, LFP indicated that the opportunity to restart with supporters of followers in the district is quite possible: “LFP is now focusing on a resumption of the season that allows the reception of all or part of the public in sanitary conditions that will be defined by the public authorities.”