police accused of murder

In the United States, police involved in the death of George Floyd were charged with murder, the prosecutor announced Friday. The National Guard was also deployed to the city of Minnesota after a third night of riots following the death of the 46-year-old African American during a muscular arrest.

Four days after George Floyd was killed by police, the officer involved in the muscular arrest was arrested and then charged with murder, the 29th Prosecutor in charge of the case announced Friday.

“The police involved in the death of Floyd, identified as Derek Chauvin, have been detained” by the criminal police, said Commissioner John Harrington of the Minnesota Department of Civil Protection earlier.

Thousands of people are demanding justice after the death of this 46-year-old African American who, according to a video that has gone viral, appears to have been strangled on Monday night by a police officer. Filmed and published on social media by a witness, the muscular arrest of George Floyd has led to protests across the country.

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The four agents involved in the tragedy were dismissed and federal and local investigations opened to determine their responsibilities.

After a third night of riots in Minneapolis, the National Guard was deployed to try to restore calm. The soldiers established a security perimeter around a police station that was burned out overnight. Thirty companies also plundered during these violent demonstrations.

President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly condemned a “tragic” crime and called for a quick investigation, this time attacked the “archers”. “The looting is immediately greeted by bullets,” he wrote in a tweet, which the social network decided to report as an “excuse for violence”.

Former US President Barack Obama has said he shares “the same distress” as “millions of others” before a situation that “cannot be normal”.

“People are angry because this is not the first time police kill in this country,” Pastor Al Sharpton told MSNBC on Friday morning.

“I ask you to stay calm and let’s investigate,” federal prosecutor Erica MacDonald said at a press conference.

A rising anger

During the night Thursday through Friday, the demonstrations turned into a riot near the police station where the four men worked. Faced with the protesters’ progress, the security forces had left the premises at around 10 pm. Some protesters then managed to break through the security barriers, break the windows and set up the building.

Several shops in the surrounding area have experienced a similar fate and the violence has also spread to certain districts of neighboring Saint-Louis with occasional collisions between police and residents.

Early in the morning, smoke continued to rise in several parts of the city, where soldiers and rebel police patrolled in a tense climate.

A team of CNN reporters covering the scene was arrested directly by police and released after two hours. Governor Tim Walz apologizes to the news channel. “These people are at the forefront,” commented journalist Omar Jimenez simply.

Anger begins to spread to other American cities. Protesters blocked a highway in Denver, other defiant containment orders in New York or Chicago. In Louisville, Kentucky, conflicts occurred when residents sought justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was killed by police in her apartment in March.

Death of George Floyd: “Don’t shoot, our hands are in the air,” protesters protest in Minneapolis

An international shock wave

The feeling goes beyond American borders. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Thursday condemned the “long series of murders of unarmed African Americans by US police” and called on the authorities to “take action”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying that the people of his country looked at the situation with “surprise and horror”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized in a nightly tweet “the racist and fascist method that led to the death of George Floyd”.

He was arrested by police because they believed he wanted to forge a counterfeit bill of $ 20. During the intervention, George Floyda was tackled to the ground by an officer who held his knee to his neck for long minutes. “I can’t breathe anymore,” we hear him say on the recording of the stage.

The case is particularly reminiscent of the death of Eric Garner, a black man who died in 2014 in New York after being strangled during his arrest by white police officers. He had also said “I can’t breathe”, a phrase that has become a shouting scream from the Black Lives Matter movement (“Black’s life counts”).

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