Trump announces that US is ending relationship with WHO

The US president announced Friday to end the relationship between his country and the World Health Organization. Donald Trump spoke from the White House at a press conference devoted to the situation in Hong Kong.

A new break is underway for Donald Trump. After a tussle began on social networks, US President Donald Trump announced Friday, May 29, to end the relationship between his country and the World Health Organization (WHO), one of his preferred goals since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic The President spoke from the White House during an address on the situation in Hong Kong.

Donald Trump especially accuses WHO of being too careful with Beijing to deal with the health crisis linked to Covid-19. “China has total control over the World Health Organization, even if it only pays $ 40 million a year, compared to what the United States paid, which is about $ 450 million a year. We have detailed the reforms it needs to make and we have engaged directly with them, but they have refused to act, “he said.

“Because they have not implemented the necessary and necessary reforms, we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization today and redirect these funds to other urgent and global public health needs that arise.”

“It’s a tragedy for the people of Hong Kong”

At his press conference, Donald Trump also accused China of betraying its commitments to Hong Kong’s autonomy. “It’s a tragedy for the people of Hong Kong, for China and for the whole world,” he said.

For several days, the United States has condemned the controversial national security legislation that Beijing wants to impose on Hong Kong. They believe it is a disguised way to confuse the Hong Kong opposition and cut corners, which China firmly denies.

End of special treatment for Hong Kong

Donald Trump also announced that the process of removing Hong Kong-based trade exemptions would begin. “Hong Kong is no longer autonomous to justify the special treatment we have given the territory since the surrender,” the US President continued.

Therefore, “I ask my administration to initiate the process of ending the exceptions that allowed Hong Kong to receive different and special treatment. This will affect all agreements (with Hong Kong), from our extradition treaty to dual-use technology controls and more, with few exceptions, he said.

This special trade treatment granted by the United States, which allows the territory to benefit from particularly advantageous tariffs, has enabled Hong Kong to become a world financial pole.

He expressed his desire to better secure “university research that is crucial for the country” and finally announced the president’s access to “certain citizens of China whom we have identified as potential security risks”.

However, he remained elusive about the exact scope of this decision and the number of students who may be affected.

With AFP and Reuters