USA: the division virus

In the United States, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is widening the gap between Republicans and Democrats. In light of the scientists’ decisions and the restrictions they impose, President Donald Trump invokes his rights under the first and second constitutional amendments. Report in Florida and Louisiana, two states in the south, where the political battle is raging.

False viruses, real liberty laws! “.” Live free or die “… These are the messages that can be read in the demonstration slump that is multiplying in the southern states of the United States.

Some Americans, including supporters of President Donald Trump, assert their constitutional rights – such as carrying a gun, religious freedom or freedom of movement – and undermine emergency measures to combat the pandemic.

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In Florida, one of the states most affected by Covid-19, Republican governor and fiery support from Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, has listed exceptions to the “Stay At Home Order” containment, calling key arms deals, which announce a decree to approve religious ceremonies and let the mayors decide to open beaches and hotels again.

In Louisiana, some pastors go to war against the Democratic governor in the name of religious freedom and decide to maintain their ceremonies and ignore social distance.

How can we fight the pandemic during this unprecedented health crisis while respecting the American Constitution, which guarantees individual freedoms? Does the corona virus expect the country? Report in the southern states, which have become the battlegrounds for these divisions.