a black man who was robbed by three police officers after hitting a stop sign and moving

Midland, Texas, was the scene in mid-May of the violent arrest of a black man accused of refusing to park by the side of the road after grilling a “stop” sign. The video of the arrest shows at least three white police officers pointing their weapons at Tye Anders while lying on the ground, these images shocked sharply and took a new echo after the death of George Floyd, a black man killed by a police officer on May 25 in the city of Minneapolis.The video filmed on May 16 was shared two days after the fact by Tye Anders’s lawyer. It has since been massively transmitted on social networks, while police violence against African Americans is once again at the heart of the news following George Floyd’s death on May 25, which caused riots in Minneapolis.

The video was shared two days after the fact of Justin Moore, a lawyer for Tye Anders, the man he allegedly arrested by police. He says in the legend that the scene took place in front of his grandmother’s home and that the latter was “attacked” by the agents. These images have also been viewed several million times Twitter.

“You all have weapons aimed at him, can’t you see how many blacks are being shot?”

We see Tye Anders, 21, in front of his grandmother’s home, challenged by at least three police officers who are located behind the doors of their cars. The scene is filmed by a witness on the right side of the house. Tye Anders, visibly in a panic, insults the police and tells them “It’s good, you will draw” and asks them to lower their weapons. The cops ask him to “listen to them”, to stand up and to go back to them. The excitement only increases and a woman who participates in the scene launches: “He’s scared! You have all the weapons pointed at him, he’s black, you don’t see how many blacks are being shot? You don’t see” And you point those weapons at him ! He’s only 21, he’s obviously scared. “

Tye Anders then starts shouting “I’m scared!” many times as they continue to ask the police to release their weapons. A police officer explains that the young man continued to drive as the officers asked him to park on the side of the road following the failure to observe a stop sign.

Finally, an elderly lady walks near Tye Anders. This is his grandmother who lives there. The police then begin to lower their weapons and go towards the old lady and her grandson. As the police surrounded the young man, presumably to handcuff him, the elderly lady fell to the ground, without knowing whether she was shot or not. That’s when the video stops.

Tye Anders is said to have “blown a stop sign” and “abused his blinkers”

In Texas, the deal quickly caused a scandal. For Tye Anders’s lawyer, Justin Moore, this incident suggests discriminatory treatment of black people by police in the United States. “Racial profiling and arrests have been at pandemic levels in this country for generations. This incident is part of the tremendous tendency to prosecute black men and arrest them for false reasons,” he said. adds that Tye Anders was repeatedly hit in the face when he was handcuffed and placed in a police car. On May 21, Mayor Patrick Payton responded to the incident during a press conference, indicating that he did not want to broadcast the footage filmed by pedestrian cameras permanently worn by police. “If the city tries to publish a video, all we will do is aggravate the tensions. We will only accentuate the gaps that have widened between different views.”

A compilation of photos from various polycams on officers and in vehicles, released on May 23 by the City of Midland.

The police films were finally there published the day after, indicating that Tye Anders was being pursued by police after, according to them, toasting a stop sign. According to a police report on the incident, it the local presscould get, Tye Anders would have more accurately “burned a stop sign and abused his blinkers”. In a text added to itvideo When Tye Anders’s grandmother falls to the ground, the police say, “An elderly woman (without being touched by the police) bumps into the suspect.” The man is currently charged with hit and run.

Questioned by Washington Post, lawyer Justin Moore informed Tye Anders and his grandmother. According to him, they are still recovering from the events. “They are still a little confused about what has happened. They are worried about the police response and the future attitude the police may have against their presence in the city.”