Bayern – Girl: “Heynckes is a model”

The Bayern Munich coach, who has been on duty since November last year, has been full of praise for one of his predecessors on the Bavarian bench.

Seven points forward six days after the end of the season. Following their victory this week on the lawn of Borussia Dortmund, the eighth consecutive row is very close for Bayern Munich, who will have the opportunity to take another step this Saturday with the reception of Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Arrived at the club bench in November to replace Niko Kovac at short notice, Hansi Flick has since been unanimous, so his actions became a long-standing appointment. When he was present at a press conference before the meeting, he specifically mentioned one of his famous predecessors, Jupp Heynckes, author of the C1 championship treble 2013.

“He is a model, we worked together in Munich. He is my former coach but we stayed in touch during my playing career and my transition to the German federation”, he said.

“He is exemplary at the human level. I do not want to compare myself to him, we are not at the same level. He has been very successful, I have only been head coach since November. It is true that I have had other coaching positions, but it is a big difference.

“Jupp [Heynckes] has had many victories during his years on the bench. He had to deal with ups and downs. I must certainly do the same, but I am far from what he has achieved. “