McAteer: “Mbappé doesn’t fit Liverpool”

The PSG striker has often been cited as a potential target for LFC, but a former club member believes he will not be able to shine in this team.

Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappé is unsuitable for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, according to Jason McAteer, a former member of the English team.

The Red have often been cited as courtiers for the French international striker, along with Real Madrid. Although there has been no concrete proposal, we give them a real interest in Bondy. By recruiting the world champion, Liverpool would send a strong signal to all its PL competitors but also to the European tenors. But a certain McAteer is not sure he is the reinforcement that Merseysiders need.

“You can’t stay, you have to evolve. From a boss’s point of view, always try to hold two, three shots forward”, told former Reds midfielder Stats Perform News. “It is Jurgens job to visualize what he sees next season and prepare for the coming seasons. PSG is a unique club, desperate to win the Champions League, to put together a fantastic team, [mais] players want a bigger challenge. Mbappé is for less a superstar, but it’s not the right time for him to come to Liverpool “.

The former Irish international believes Mbappé doesn’t really match the players that Jurgen Klopp, the coach of the European champions, likes. “[Je ne suis] not sure he’s the type of Jurgen player. At least for me and for the moment. I prefer to see Werner or Sancho. We could see it [Mbappe] in Liverpool because it’s appropriate for a variety of reasons, but for football I just don’t know it’s appropriate for the moment. “

A few days ago, Mbappé showed all the good he was thinking about the Reds and their coaches. If there was a call from the foot on his part, it does not seem to work too much.