The European Union calls on Washington to reconsider mining with the WHO

On Saturday, the European Union called on Washington to reconsider its decision to break with the World Health Organization (WHO). It requires solidarity in front of Covid-19, which will continue its macabre march even if the closure continues, especially in Europe.

Following the announcement by Donald Trump of the end of the US relationship with the WHO, on Saturday, May 30, the European Union (Washington) called on Washington to reconsider its position.

“Global cooperation and solidarity through multilateral efforts are the only effective and viable way to win the battle facing the world,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Head of EU Diplomacy Josep Borrell.

On Friday, the US president – who already ceased the financial contribution his country has granted WHO in April – carried out his threat to break with the UN bureau, which he accuses since the beginning of the convenience pandemic with China, where the corona virus appeared in December before it spread across the planet.

“China has total control over the World Health Organization, even if it only pays $ 40 million a year, compared to what the United States paid, which is about $ 450 million a year,” Donald Trump said on Friday. “We have detailed the reforms it needs to make and have engaged directly with them, but they have refused to act.”

Then the President said, “Because they have not made the necessary and necessary reforms, we will end our relationship with the World Health Organization today and redirect these funds to other urgent and global public health needs that deserve it.”

Covid-19 continues its macabre macabre in Latin America

This announcement by Donald Trump comes as Covid-19 continues its macabre march, especially in Latin America – the new pandemic episode, according to the WHO.

Brazil, where the situation is getting worse, has become 27,888 dead, the fifth most mourned country in the world, behind the United States (102,836), Britain (38,161), Italy (33,229), France (28,714) and ahead of Spain (27,121). . However, researchers believe that the actual Brazilian figures are probably much worse.

The pandemic has killed at least 364,362 people worldwide since its inception, according to the latest assessment prepared by AFP on Saturday from official sources. Nearly six million cases have been diagnosed in 196 countries and territories.

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