Aulas: “If the image of French football has become obsessed, it is not my fault”

Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas says he is not responsible for the crisis that shakes French football.

Since the break in French football, Jean-Michel Aulas has been among the most popular figures on the media scene. The OL strongman has caused a lot of controversy, proposed solutions that prioritize his club, challenged the LFP’s decision or pushed hard to overturn the government’s decision. So he made many enemies, but he didn’t care. In an interview with Canal +, he assumed all his positions.

Lyon President began by defending the idea of ​​a recovery that he does not stop fighting for. While sympathizing too “Those who have suffered full force” He calls the Covid-19 pandemic “Take into account developments”. “When we see what is happening in the major European countries, which have already taken over or taken over, we would not understand why we cannot do it, he wondered. Of course, I wish for this recovery. It is a necessity. Because UEFA asked for it. France stood out by making a decision that runs counter to what UEFA wanted. A decision that is not clear. “

Aulas then commented on LFP’s flexibility in the (non) restart of the championship. He considers that the body is not justified in opposing any proposal and, moreover, without dialogue. “The league cannot and cannot respond in place and try to throw by moving on. They have to stop making decisions without thinking. Today, the operating deficit is EUR 800 million. We have to get around the table and imagine what is in the public interest for football and clubs and not for the institution that has been much superior. “

“I defend the public interest, although defending OL’s fascinates me”

JMA blames the others and does not question themselves. He thinks he has no reason to do so. “It is fitting for many to say that I am acting in self-interest to defend my club. Even what defends my club, which attracts me. But here I defend the general interest, he claimed. Does it give a picture of a lack of unity? You can also say that it gives a picture of courage and determination [de ma part]. If the image of French football has been damaged, it is not my fault. I’m convinced. “

Finally, Aulas ended by saying that he has not given up the idea of ​​watching the European Olympics next season for the 22nd consecutive year. “My little finger says we will be in the European Cup,” he said. We should pretend we are. We are fortunate to have an economic situation that is one of the best in French football, because we have made our own resources “. And if there is no European participation, the club will adapt. “The funds given to June are to reason in the short term, but also on a three-year plan”, he concluded.