Brescia – Attacked by its president, Balotelli responds dryly

The attacker responded dryly to accusations that his president Massimo Cellino considered false. More than ever, the towel in Brescia burns.

Between Mario Balotelli and its president Massimo Cellino, the canvas burns. So much so that no return point seems not to have been reached, but actually exceeded. More than ever, therefore, the future of the Italian striker seems to be written far from the modest residents of Serie A.

“How do you deny the evidence?”

Indeed, as pointed out by his president, who criticized his commitment to education, OGC Nice and Olympique de Marseille’s former goalkeeper were not shy to reply to his Instagram account, which claims to have irrevocable proof of his daily involvement.

“But how can you write that I’m not training in the field? There are journalists at the center during all my training, obviously with cameras! (…) How do you deny the evidence? I didn’t think I was an invisible ghost on telephoto lenses” , railed Mario Balotelli, reassembled.

As a reminder, Massimo Cellino did not go there with the back of the spoon. “Corini (the former coach) loved him, closed his eyes to his delays. It’s a little disappointing, maybe he will be disappointed too (…) He is a special boy, I take it for granted that he already has his head elsewhere “There’s nothing else he has always done, it’s a little anarchist”, he said. This should not improve the reputation of the two main stakeholders.