Democratic candidate Joe Biden condemns violence

Faced with the many clashes and raids that have shaken several American cities for several days, Joe Biden condemned the violence, Sunday morning, in a press release.

Democratic candidate for the White House Joe Biden condemned, on Sunday, May 31, the violence that erupted across the United States to protest the death of George Floyd, while he believed Americans were right to demonstrate against police brutality.

“Demonstrating against such brutality is a right and a necessity. It is a prominent American reaction,” the candidate said in a statement. “But setting fire to cities and free destruction is not. Life-threatening violence is not,” he said.

In Minneapolis, riot constituents accused protesters who defied curfew Saturday night and dismissed them with smoke bombs and stun grenades. Collisions have also taken place in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Atlanta, leading officials from the two latter cities, as well as Miami and Chicago officials, to announce a curfew.

US President Donald Trump promised on Saturday to “stop collective violence”.

With AFP