Donald Trump announces G7 launch and intends to invite other countries

Deferred G7 and invitations to Russia, South Korea, Australia and India: The President of the United States surprised again on Saturday by revising its plans for the G7 summit.

US President Donald Trump announced on Saturday, May 30, that he will postpone the G7 Summit in the United States on an unspecified date and invite other countries to attend the meeting, including Russia.

“I don’t feel that G7 properly represents what’s happening in the world. It’s a group of countries that are very outdated,” Donald Trump told reporters on the Air Force One plane, adding that he would like to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia and India to an extended summit in the fall.

This may happen in September, before or after the UN General Assembly, the US President added, specifying that he could also “maybe do it after the presidential election” in November where he will seek a second term.

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Donald Trump described the meeting as “G-10 or G-11” and said he had “briefly” addressed the issue with the leaders of the four countries he wants to attend this summit.

G7 leaders, as president this year of the United States, were scheduled to meet at the video conference in late June due to the coronavirus epidemic. However, Donald Trump said last week that he could finally organize this large gathering “primarily in the White House,” but also potentially partially in President David Camp, on the outskirts of Washington.

Angela Merkel’s refusal to travel to the United States

The initial reactions of the G7 leaders to this proposal had been cautious. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first leader of the group to formally reject this invitation to attend a summit in the United States in June.

“So far, given the general pandemic situation, she cannot accept participation personally, a trip to Washington,” a German government spokesman told AFP on Saturday.

In the evening, the Elysee Palace announced that France’s President Emmanuel Macron was “available” to attend a G7 summit, but in this case “wanted everyone present.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed last week the importance of studying the “experts’ recommendations”.

Donald Trump wants to make a G7 summit with flesh-and-blood leaders the symbol of normalization he demands, as opposed to blocking activities that could cost him election costs.

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