Shearer: “I would like to see Mbappé in the Premier League”

The top scorer in Premier League history invites the PSG striker to join England.

Many big strikers have played in the prestigious English Premier League. Alan Shearer is one of them. The Newcastle legend is still No. 1 in terms of goals scored in this championship. A record he is proud of, but he knows it will not last forever. “I’m sure he will be beaten one day. Aguero could do it if he stayed in the Premier League long enough”, he said in an interview with Canal +.

The ex-Magpies star would also like to see other famous stars arrive across the channel. Something like Kylian Mbappé. “I would very much like Kylian Mbappé to come. With his skill, his confidence in someone so young, and every goal he gets, it would be a big plus for the Premier League.” Which club would best suit the Parisian? Shearer’s answer with the hint of irony: “I only see one club for him, of course it’s Newcastle (laughs).”

“I’m a big fan of Olivier Giroud”

Among the French players already playing in the PL, Shearer said he had a soft spot for Olivier Giroud: “I’m an admirer of Olivier Giroud. He brings a lot to the team and knows how to get others to play. I know he hasn’t used much this season, but as soon as he played he did well.”

Finally, Saint-James Park’s ex-idol did not fail to pay tribute to Thierry Henry, with whom he found himself fighting for the title of best director in PL : “Now you tell who was the best French striker of all time, it’s very difficult not to say Thierry Henry. He scored incredible goals, apparently without any effort. When I played against him it was a match in a match. I He didn’t want him to mark and he didn’t want me to mark. I didn’t want his team, but I respected him very much. . “