Tributes and demonstrations in Europe against George Floyd’s death

Several demonstrations took place on Sunday in London, Berlin or Copenhagen against George Floyd’s death in the US. Football players from the German football championship also paid tribute to him.

While the situation remains tense in the United States following George Floyd’s death on Tuesday, several demonstrations and tributes were held Sunday, May 31, in memory of the deceased African American who was choked under the knee by a white police officer.

Several demonstrations took place in Berlin, Copenhagen or London to protest this death.

“When you take someone’s life the way it happened, it does something for you, wherever you are, because it is wrong,” London protester Trevor Joseph told AFP. . “It’s something international. It happened in the US and we have to show our solidarity.”

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Some showed cardboard panels that read “Black lives matter” or “Our skin color is not a crime”.

The protesters then kneeled for ten minutes, a gesture that has become a symbol of the fight against discrimination in the United States, where similar meetings are held every day, before starting a march against the US embassy.

Marcus Thuram knelt on the ground in tribute to George Floyd

Three Bundesliga players paid tribute to George Floyd this weekend on German football pitches, starting with Marcus Thuram, the French striker Mönchengladbach, who kneeled on the ground after his first goal – He did twice.

The son of French world champion Lilian Thuram in 1998, who was himself involved in the fight against racism, did not comment on his gesture. But shortly after the match, Mönchengladbach’s club published a photo of their players, kneeling on the ground and looking down, on Twitter, with the caption in English: “No explanation needed” “).

In Dortmund, star striker Jadon Sancho, 20, a hat-trick against Paderborn (6-1), who revealed a t-shirt with the inscription “justice for George” after his first goal. The same sentence that American Schalke 04 striker Weston McKennie had written on a bracelet he wore on Saturday in the 1-0 loss to Bremen.

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