A coverage with the public in Serie A?

Italian football leaders are considering restarting the championship, which in part allows fans to return to the stadium.

Next June 20 and after three months of interruption, the Italian championship will be back. The Serie A clubs are preparing to return to the plan and end the 2019/2020 fiscal year. Good news that can be followed by another. It would be a matter of taking the supporters back to the sports arenas.

The idea in question is starting to gain ground, and green light could be given next June 8 on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Assembly, if we are to believe the rumors emanating from this Country ..

If the fans’ presence at the stadium is now viewed positively on the other side of the Alps, it is due to the recent opening of cinemas and theaters. By respecting the health rules, we do not have a bad eye for typhoid to be returned for these high-level matches, if only in limited numbers.

Gabriele Gravina, the president of FIGC, recognizes that it is a possibility, although for him it is always caution. “Typhoid in the arena?” Today is too early. But I hope it can happen at the end of the championship, I hope with all my heart ”, he told Radio 24. “I follow the development of the situation for cinemas, theaters, cultural events. It seems inconceivable that at a stage of 60,000 or 80,000 seats there is no room for a minimal percentage of spectators who can participate in the match. With all necessary precautions ”.