a new Ebola epidemic explained in the northwest of the country

A new epidemic of ebola hemorrhagic fever has erupted in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Health Minister Eteni Longondo announced on Monday.

The Democratic Republic of Congo officially declared Monday 1your June, an eleventh epidemic of Ebola-hemorrhagic fever on its soil, with the re-emergence of an outbreak in the northwest of the country, peaking at the top of the tenth still ongoing in the east.

“A new epidemic” of Ebola-hemorrhagic fever has erupted in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, “said Monday 1your June Health Minister Eteni Longondo.

“Four people have already died,” the minister added during a press conference. The four deaths were recorded in a district in Mbandaka, the capital of the province of Equateur, about 600 km when the crow flies north of the capital Kinshasa. The two cities are connected by the Congo River (about a week’s navigation).

“The National Biomedical Research Institute (INRB) has just confirmed to me that the samples from Mbandaka are positive for Ebola virus disease,” the minister added.

“We will send them the vaccine and also the drugs very quickly,” he continued, planning to go to the site by the end of the week.

Another epidemic in the eastern country

The province of Equateur suffered from a previous Ebola epidemic between May and July 2018 – 54 cases for 33 dead and 21 survivors.

“It is a province that has already experienced the disease. They already have reflections on what to do. They have already begun the response at the local level since yesterday” Sunday, the minister said.

Another Ebola epidemic is still ongoing at the other end of the country, in the East, which has killed 2280 people since August 2018. The end of this epidemic must be declared on June 25, after 42-day countdown without new cases.

This is the eleventh epidemic of Ebola fever declared on Congolese soil since the discovery of the virus in this country, then called Zaire, in 1976. DR Congo is also affected by the global epidemic of coronavirus – 3,195, 2,866 in Kinshasa and 72 deaths, according to the latest official figures released on Monday.

With AFP