Burkina Faso: at least 50 dead in attacks accused of jihadists

On the front page of the Journal of Africa, at least 50 dead in massacres attributed to jihadists in Burkina Faso. Thirty civilians were killed in the attack on a market in the eastern country and at least 25 others died in attacks on their convoys in the north. Our correspondent in Ouagadougou could ask a security expert.

The Ebola virus is back in the Equateur province of DR Congo. Four people have already died of hemorrhagic fever in the city of Mbandaka. This new epidemic that sweeps across the northwest of the country is added to it in the east. The Democratic Republic of Congo is also affected by the epidemic of coronaviruses, mainly in Kinshasa, the capital and by measles. The revival of the Ebola virus is worrying the health authorities.

South Africa is gradually returning to normal, and South Africans can again drink alcohol. Since today, sales are allowed, only from Monday to Thursday, for home consumption. The ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages was already taken at the beginning of the pandemic to allow police and hospitals to better focus on fighting the virus. It is the African country most affected by the pandemic with more than 34,000 cases, including 705 deaths.

It is back to school in Niger, Tanzania, but also in Cameroon. Schools and universities reopened on Monday. After more than two months without lessons, dropping the rain and masking the noses, the students returned to school. school in Yaoundé. The government is criticized for its ease in its efforts to combat the development of the pandemic, in one of the countries most affected by Sub-Saharan Africa.

Zimbabwe also calls on the US ambassador to Harare to condemn comments from the White House and accuses the country of serving on demonstrations against police violence and racism in the United States.