collisions near the White House, tensions do not decrease

Concerns that exploded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after George Floyd’s death, are not weakened. The protests spread to other cities across the country, including Washington.

The image filmed in Minneapolis circulates in loop on social networks. A tanker truck on Sunday, May 31, attempted to enforce the intersection in the midst of a procession of thousands of protesters who came to condemn the death of George Floyd, an African-American who died following his muscular arrest by police. The police had to intervene to arrest the driver of the truck on one of the central bridges.

“The picture, as spectacular as it was, does not sum up the demonstration day in Minneapolis,” said Matthieu Mabin, France’s 24th Special Envoy to Minnesota. Rally left mid-day from Capitol to St. Paul, the neighboring city where the Minnesota House is located.

For Matthieu Mabin, it should be emphasized “the consistency of the protesters, the day that goes on the streets to condemn the police practice and racism”. “It has nothing to do with the night, where towing, police and protesters collide, sometimes extremely violently, with major arrests,” he added.


The police have “hardened your tone in the last 48 hours,” said the special envoy, “especially by firing rubber bullets at journalists to counter the coverage of the media, which, according to Donald Trump, aggravates the situation.” His administration described the instigators of the uprising as terrorists.

Curfew in several cities across the country

The voltage does not weaken. Neither in Minneapolis nor in other cities in the United States, such as Washington. Police used tear gas on Sunday night near the White House to disperse protesters who did not respect the curfew in the capital. Earlier in the day, a crowd gathered near the executive headquarters, singing slogans, lighting fire and holding up signs.

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump was taken to an underground bunker Friday by the Secret Service – the protection service for the president and personalities – during a similar demonstration outside his residence.

Prohibition of spending has been imposed on Washington, Los Angeles and Houston to prevent protests from leading to further violence and looting.

With AFP