Death of George Floyd: “Trump Blows the Glows”

On the front page of the press this Monday, June 1, demonstrations with violence and looting, now spreading to thirty cities in the United States, following the death of George Floyd, this African-American, were killed by a white police officer last week while he was not armed. And the death on Saturday of a 32-year-old autistic Palestinian who was shot dead by the Israeli police in Jerusalem, when he was also disarmed.

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The New York Times believes that President Trump, who demanded that protesters be crashed and looked far left as behind the release, “is blazing glow in times of disagreement” in the United States. “Mr. Trump, the newspaper writes, presents himself as someone seeking conflict, not conciliation, as a fighter, not a peacemaker. And he lives up to this image in these dangerous times. Faced with a nation on the brink, ravaged by disease, affected by economic collapse, broken down by containment and even by masks; for a racially shaken nation once again his first instinct was to look for someone to fight with. “

President Trumps, his re-election candidate in 2000, inspires a drawing by Brian Alcock, where he is seen smashing the neck of American democracy with his knee. And she said, like George Floyd before he dies, he couldn’t breathe. “It’s a miracle! I told them the virus would disappear as it warms up,” cartoonist David Rowe also told Donald Trump, who shows him naked in front of his burning land, like Emperor Nero pondering the fire of Rome. Two drawings found on Twitter.

Indignation also in Jerusalem after the death on Saturday of a 32-year-old autistic Palestinian, Eyad Hallaq, who was shot by police when he was also disarmed. According to the French daily Liberation, which reports that hundreds of activists gathered in Jerusalem behind banners containing the African American slogans: “Palestinian life matter”, “Palestinian life means question” or “Justice for George, justice for Ryad”. Activists condemn renewed police violence in East Jerusalem and a culture of impunity among local police.

“Being black in the United States should not be punished with death. How about being Palestinians? “Asked the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “In the United States, police kill blacks, whose blood is cheap. In Israel they shoot Palestinians, whose blood is even cheaper. “Daily claims that murders of African Americans in the United States” trigger protests “while in Israel” sleep “Israelis.

George Floyd and Ryad Hallaq were “both civilians, killed by police”, “their tragic and scandalous deaths are part of a long history of violence”, “but the similarities end there,” says Israel Hayom – who assesses “the attempt to draw parallels manipulative and irresponsible between Jerusalem and Minneapolis “. “The shooting in Jerusalem, as horrible as it may be, ensures the Israeli congratulations, did not occur in racial contexts, but in the context of a nationalist conflict, which unfortunately creates terror.”