Dugarry: “Payet? He lives on which planet?”

Former Marseille striker Christophe Dugarry strongly criticized Dimitri Payet’s attitude to the pay issue.

Dimitri Payet, the OM attacking midfielder, surprised many people on Sunday by motivating him not to lower his salary with the need he needed to take care of his family. A surprising argument from the one who benefits from the best salary in the Marseille club, with monthly incomes up to € 500,000.

The reunion was quick to get his ears drawn after making those comments, and one of the most violent attacks he got came from Christophe Dugarry. During his radio broadcast at RMC, the 1998 world champion delivered his thoughts, mainly pointed out “Privacy »Displayed by the Marseille player.

“Basically, everyone sees a sincere dinner at their door. That Dimitri Payet does not want to lower his salary and that he may have a feeling that his club is trying to erase the sketch that was done earlier, I can understand it. It’s his choice. But how can you explain your refusal to lower your salary, which is acceptable, by declaring that you have credit to repay? You can’t say that. We wonder what planet the guys live on and how you can be so independent from the world you live in ”Dugarry asked.

The man who himself was an OM player then warned Payet and indicated that he could be entitled to a most hostile reception the next time he shows up at the Velodrome (with the public). “Do you understand what the people who have just seen you playing in the stadium will think of you, what they will say about your character and your mentality? To say it, lost a visibly very uplifted Dugarry. Strictly speaking, you think, stay with your bullshit in your living room. But do not charge anything like that. It is amazing to look at your belly button so much and have nothing to do with the world around you and the difficulties of everyday life. “