France is preparing for the second phase of the closure

The favorable development of the epidemic in France, especially during the second phase of the closure of the reopening of cafes and restaurants in the green zone, but also of parks and terraces in Paris. France 24 finds out about the new regulations.

A new decontinent site is turning in France, from Tuesday, June 2. Restaurants, bars and cafés are reopening, as are parks and gardens throughout France. In Île-de-France, Mayotte and Guyana, classified in the orange zone, the termination will be “a little more cautious” for three weeks.

What will change in French everyday life with this new phase? France 24 takes stock.

  • Opening of parks and gardens

The subject of a media showdown in recent weeks between the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the government, some green areas have already opened again this weekend in the capital.

  • Opening of cafes, bars and restaurants

Cafes, bars and restaurants have closed since Sunday, March 15 and will be allowed to open on Tuesday with stricter conditions for facilities located in the “orange” zone, where only the terraces can accommodate customers.

According to the recommendations of the High Council for Public Health, the CEO has not kept the track to a mandatory space of 4 m2 by guest, feared by restaurateurs, but will introduce a distance of at least one meter between the tables.

In the orange zone, only terraces are allowed. “To help them, the City of Paris will allow them to occupy free sidewalks, streets and parking lots, while respecting the health and everyone’s instructions,” Anne Hidalgo announced for Parisian facilities.

The LR candidate for mayor of Paris, Rachida Dati, predicts “tensions” with residents and pedestrians.

Deconfinance in France: inevitable social tensions?

  • Opening of the colleges and oral exam of the French bac

All schools and colleges will open throughout France from next week under special conditions and in small groups.

The oral examination of the French baccalaureate for first graders is suspended this year and is replaced by continuous assessment.

Entering into force on May 11, the restriction of travel within a radius of 100 kilometers around the home, except for compelling professional or family reasons, which aimed to prevent the spread of the virus to previously spared areas, will end on Tuesday.

SNCF will once again be able to market all its train tickets from mid-June, the State Secretary for Transport announced on Sunday. “We are removing the restriction of a place of two neutralized in TGV, which had been introduced for SNCF to respect the rules of distance,” said Jean-Baptiste Djebbari on BFMTV.

On the other hand, for transport in Île-de-France, the employer certificate will be valid during peak hours “at least until June 22”.

Permits since mid-May in the private sphere will gatherings of more than ten people in the public space will remain banned.

The StopCovid application, which alerts people who have been in contact with someone infected with the new coronavirus, will be available from Tuesday.

The smartphone application, which operates via Bluetooth and does not use geolocation, will alert its users if they have been less than a meter away and for at least fifteen minutes from a person infected with coronavirus.

  • Cultural and sporting places

Swimming pools, gymnasiums, gyms, leisure parks, showrooms and theaters can be reopened on Tuesday in the green zones and June 22 in the orange zones. Cinemas will open again on June 22 across the country.

  • The limits were closed until 15 June

Limitations will be maintained until 15 June, but France will be resumed on that date “if the health situation permits, without two weeks for travelers from European countries”.

Reciprocity measures will also be applied to travelers from countries setting up quarantine systems for French people traveling to their territories.

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