Jair Bolsonaro gets a new public bath

In Brazil, by far the most affected Latin American country with more than 500,000 cases and nearly 30,000 deaths, the Covid-19 epidemic is accompanied by an increase in political tensions over how to get there. to meet.

Despite more than a million cases of Covid-19 reported Sunday across Latin America and a strong spread of the disease in Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaron did not hesitate, Sunday, May 31, to take a walk and violate all sanitary rules advocating physical distance. Brazil is nowthe fourth country in the world in deaths from new coronaviruses.

“There are so many infected and deceased people, including the indigenous people (of the Amazon), who are particularly vulnerable,” lamented Pope Francis after his Sunday prayer, celebrated for the first time in almost three months before the believers gathered at St. Peter’s Church in Rome.

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Raï urges Bolsonaro to step down

Faced with the spread of the disease, President Bolsonaro’s call for the resumption of the football championships was poorly received, the sports director of Sao Paulo FC and former Parisian idol SGRai called him to resign.

“Because soccer players are young and athletic, the risk of death if they catch the virus endlessly is reduced,” said Jair Bolsonaro, open to containment measures to preserve the economy.

The Brazilian president then took part in a rally with his supporters in Brasilia, in front of the presidential palace, despite once again defying health recommendations, while this time taking care not to touch people’s hands.

In Sao Paulo, clashes broke out between anti-Bolsonaro protesters and the president’s supporters opposing the containment measures.

Washington sends hydroxychloroquine

The United States, whose President Donald Trump shows his closeness to JairBolsonaro, has sent Brazil two million doses of hydroxychloroquine, which use to treat Covid-19 is controversial, the White House announced on Sunday.

DonaldTrump had surprised ten days ago by announcing that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a prevention against the new coronavirus, contrary to the recommendations of the US health authorities.

The effect against Covid-19 of this antimalarial treatment has so far not been shown by any rigorous study and several countries have banned its use.

There is no federal level policy

Covid-19 is spreading at a galloping pace in Brazil, with measures of containment and deconstruction in a scattered order according to the states or cities of this country whose President Jair Bolsonaro calls for the restrictions to be lifted.

No policy has been introduced at national level and measures to contain the pandemic have generally been much less stringent than those adopted in most European countries or in neighboring Argentina.

But the first restrictions emerged in mid-March in Brazil, with special closures of schools in many cities, while the country then only had a hundred confirmed cases and no deaths.

But today, this country with 210 million inhabitants with continental dimensions is one of the most important centers for the pandemic and is preparing to pass the milestone of 30,000 dead.

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