Moscow is gently starting deconfinance despite many cases in Russia

In Moscow, the closing begins with the opening of stores. Residents will have to wait until June 14 to move freely, while on Monday, Russia reported 9,035 new cases.

Nice return to normal in sight in Moscow. The Russian capital, which relied on an improvement in its epidemiological situation, opened again on Monday 1yourIn June, stores will be closed for two months, but millions of Muscovites must remain cautious in their homes.

President Vladimir Putin is waiting for the government to deliver an economic recovery plan until 2021 to respond to blows in the new coronavirus pandemic.

“Its main goal is the transition to a path for sustainable growth, with an increase in our citizens’ incomes,” declared, according to Russian authorities, Prime Minister Mikhaïl Michoustine, the country bankrupt because of the pandemic. on a decline in GDP from 5 to 6% this year.

In addition, on Monday, the Kremlin announced the new date for the constitutional referendum originally planned in April and postponed due to Covid-19. It will finally take place on the 1styourJuly. If successful, it would pave the way for potential additional terms for Vladimir Putin.

If the epidemic seems to have stabilized since the second half of May, the capital will continue to register a large number of new cases – 2297 according to the bill on Monday and 76 deaths. In total, Russia has registered 9035 more cases and 162 deaths, which means that their total amounts to 414878 and 4855. Many regions succeeded in lifting restrictions before Moscow, the severity of the epidemic there was less.

An economically drained capital

After two months of closure in the capital, the economic engine of the country, the reopening of stores is a much-anticipated measure as their finances are depleted, despite government measures to postpone taxes or zero-interest loans.

According to a study published by the Center for Strategic Research in April, nearly one-third of Russian companies risk bankruptcy due to reduced demand caused by the epidemic and containment. Retail and services are most affected, the study says.

If stores and shopping centers open again (the second stage of decontamination after the recovery of industry and construction sites in mid-May), residents of the capital must wait at least June 14 before they can move freely. Although they can now shop without food, wear masks and gloves, the millions of Muscovites who do not have a passport that allows them to work outside their home will still spend most of their time at home.

Walking has been approved since Monday, but only three times a week while respecting a system of slots based on each of the addresses and whose complexity is such that it has become ridiculous online.

Return to normally directed for 24June

The mayor of the city, Sergei Sobyanin, has deemed such a mechanism necessary, for fear that too many will walk out onto the streets and parks at the same time. All leisure facilities, including restaurants, cinemas and playgrounds and sports venues will remain closed. And sitting on public benches is still prohibited, although this measure is hardly respected.

The next step of deconfining the Russian capital should not take place in two weeks. Because the authorities have a date in view of a revelation of normality: June 24, the day of the great military parade in memory of the Soviet victory over the Nazis. It should have taken place on May 9, but the Kremlin had to decide to postpone it – reluctantly because it counted on this event to celebrate Russia’s rediscovered power internationally.

Presidency spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on a TV show on Sunday that containment measures will have ceased at the parade.

“We hope there is almost nothing left by the regime for the parade,” he said.With AFP