Biden restarts the campaign, accusing Trump of forcing violence

On Tuesday, June 2, Democratic candidate for US presidency Joe Biden was accused Donald Trump of “turning this country into a battlefield”, ahead of the US president’s response to the demonstrations against police violence.

In a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, June 2, former Barack Obama accused Vice President and White House candidate Joe Biden Donald Trump of making the United States a “battlefield”. The Democratic presidential candidate has vowed to do anything to “cure race years” if he wins in November.

Donald Trump “has turned this country into a battlefield, divided by old insults and new fears. He believes the division is helping him[pour remporter la présidentielle du 3 novembre]”said the Democrat, who is ahead of him in the polls.

Joe Biden condemned the spread on Monday of “peaceful protesters” with “tear gas and stun grenades” to allow Donald Trump to conduct a “communications operation” by going to a church near the White House, Bible by hand.

“Police Reform”

“It’s time for our country to deal with institutional racism,” he added, urging Congress to act this month, “starting with real police reform.”

Filmed by passers-by, George Floyd’s assassination raged across the country and the world, provoking demonstrations across the United States that sometimes degenerated into riots.

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