Closing in France: “Cafes yes, StopCovid, no”

In the press, today, the beginning of the long-awaited second phase of deconfinance in France. A column by former President Barack Obama about the crisis over George Floyd’s death a week ago. And the arrest … of a dove in India.

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After more than two months under the hood, many French people return to work this morning – French people who have “ants in their legs” and want to “start again from the front,” according to Le Figaro – who cite especially cafes and restaurants, whose business is particularly threatened.

“In France, cafes yes, StopCovid no”, headlines the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, which notes that the opening of cafes and restaurants today eagerly await the French, but that the application to track infected people, on the other hand, causes much reluctance: only 45% of French people say they are ready to install it on their phone, according to a survey. For the political scientist quoted by the magazine, “French are contradictory (too) as they worry about the economy, they continue to believe that the marker must be placed on the precautionary principle; “…

In a column published yesterday on the Medium website, Barack Obama offers his views on the social crisis in the United States and urges his citizens to “make this moment the turning point for real change”. According to the former president, the current protests express “legitimate frustration that decades have failed to reform police practice and the US criminal justice system.” Barack Obama also recalls the importance of voting: “Participation (i) local elections are generally and unfortunately low, especially among young people. If we are to make real changes, the choice is not between protest and politics. We have to do both, ”he suggests – and invites the Americans to“ get to work ”.

Finally, I suggest you throw an eyelash at the slate, who reports that a dove was arrested a few days ago in the Indian part of Kashmir, a region that is the scene of tensions between India and Pakistan. The bird had crossed the border from Pakistan, with a ring marked with numbers on its paw. These elements led the Indian authorities, who believed they were dealing with a spy carrying a coded message, to lock him up. But after the investigation, it turned out that the creature was just an ordinary bird belonging to a Pakistani fisherman, follower of pigeon racing – the number written on his paw is simply the phone number of its owner.