Coutinho sees himself in the Premier League according to his agent

Philippe Coutinho is looking for a new club this summer. And a return to the Premier League is mentioned.

Bayern Munich have chosen not to make Brazilian stays in Bavaria permanent and will have to return to Camp Nou after the season is over, according to local media.

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Barça’s executives are aware that Coutinho’s results are not what was hoped for and are determined to stop costs and sell them this summer.

The problem is that the 27-year-old is not as popular as he was when he beamed for Liverpool and Brazil.

Thanks to his success in England in the past, the player is desperately hoping for a return to the Premier League, but none of the major teams in the English league currently seem interested.

“He wants to return to the Premier League at any time,” said Coutinho’s agent Kia Joorabchian, in remarks forwarded by Marca. “It could be this year. We don’t know.”

Joorabchian has not ruled out the possibility that Coutinho will remain on loan to Bavaria during another season, but it is still a pretty unlikely scenario.