hospital in Latin America on the verge of implosion

With nearly 30,000 deaths in Brazil and more than 10,000 deaths in Mexico, the coronavirus epidemic threatens to collapse hospital systems in Latin America.

Covid-19 offers no time limit in Latin America, swimming in the middle of a nightmare. Brazil, Peru, Chile and Mexico are among the ten countries with the largest number of new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

“Obviously, the situation in many Latin American countries is far from stabilizing,” said Michael Ryan, WHO director of health care.

“There has been a rapid increase in cases and these (health) systems are under pressure,” he said at a virtual press conference in Geneva, expressing particular concern for Haiti.

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Distributed measures in Brazil

Pandemic killed at least 373,439 and infected 6.3 million people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to a report compiled by AFP from official sources Monday at 19 hGMT.

In Brazil, a giant of 210 million inhabitants where the death toll is close to 30,000 dead, containment measures or, on the contrary, deconfunding measures are taken there in a dispersed order according to states or cities. And President Jair Bolsonaro regularly demands that restrictions be lifted to preserve the economy and jobs.

In Rio de Janeiro, the municipality announced on Monday a plan to gradually return to operations, whose first measures will take effect on Tuesday. Religious ceremonies can be resumed and individual water sports, such as surfing or swimming, are again allowed on miles of beaches in the “Wonderful City”. But no one can stay on the sand.

The state of Sao Paulo, the first source of coronavirus in Brazil but also its economic engine, began cautiously to launch a gradual deconfinance plan on Monday.

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Peru lacks oxygen

Other Latin American countries continue to see an expansion of the disease. In Mexico, the balance sheet on Monday crossed the threshold of 10,000 dead, although the country is also beginning to resume its economic activity.

On Monday, Peru surpassed 170,000 confirmed cases and 4,600 deaths, putting 33 million people in this country on the hospital edge. Peru is facing a lack of oxygen in particular.

“Some hospitals ask (patient families) to bring their own oxygen, because unfortunately, there is not enough for all patients,” the dean of the Council’s college said on a TV channel. doctor from Lima, Juan Astuvilca.

The United States, for its part, surpassed 105,000 dead on Monday, a toll that makes it, and by far, the country in the world hardest hit by the pandemic.

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