In the US, these customers refuse to wear a mask, which has become “a political symbol”

The United States has just exceeded the 100,000 coronavirus limit, but some citizens still refuse to wear a mask. On social networks, videos show changes between store employees and unmasked customers. Tensions due to the lack of uniform national guidelines. In California, the requirements for wearing a mask vary by location. The Gelson stores (a California supermarket chain) have forced employees and customers to wear a mask since April 10.

When the employee at this Gelson store refused to let her in without a mask, the client began filming the scene. She asks to speak to the store manager, who tells her that it is forbidden to enter the supermarket without a mask and offers to shop for her. The woman refuses and claims that she has “private things to buy”. “I’m not going to leave my bank card with you,” she says, eventually leaving. This video was filmed in Dana Point, California on May 17 and posted on the customer’s Facebook account. before deleting. It has been shared thousands of times on Twitter.

“A Karen gets angry because she can’t go shopping without the mask, despite being offered several options.” “Karen” is a derogatory American expression for white women aged 40-50 with a conservative view of society.A similar scene took place on May 7 in Palos Verdes, still in California. This video was posted by pro-Trump activist Genevieve Peters on her Facebook and Youtube accounts. She films an employee of Trader Joe’s (a California supermarket chain) who calls the police because the client refuses to have a mask in the store. “It can’t be the new ‘normal'”, says Genevieve Peters when filming the store’s other customers, who wear masks.

The scene lasts for 23 minutes. Genevieve Peters stops leaving the supermarket and continues to film his changes with other people outside. The video has been viewed more than 138,000 times on Youtube.

In Colorado, the mask is also mandatory for employees in restaurants, stores and hotels, and they have the right to refuse to come in to a customer who does not wear a mask. “I woke up in a free country,” is the argument of some customers who refuse to wear a mask, like the man in this video filmed in a Costco store in Arvada (Colorado) and posted on Twitter on May 18. This customer films “Tison,” an employee, who explains in the video that he is asking this man to leave the store because he does not want to wear a mask, contrary to supermarket policy, before taking his cart and asking him to leave.

Viewed almost 10 million times, this video caused a wave of sympathy for “Tison,” the Costco employee, who responded to Twitter: “Twitter people, thank you for your support. I was just trying to protect our employees and our customers.”

Other angry customers square up at store employees, as if they wanted to spread the virus, like the woman in this video, published March 26 on Reddit and filmed in Yreka, California.