Jacques-Henri Eyraud: “I have a tropism for American culture”

The much-criticized OM president explained his love for the US, where a good part of his professional life was written.

Between Jacques-Henri Eyraud and the supporters of the Olympique de Marseille, it is not crazy love. Highly criticized in recent months, the president is in view of the glowing supporters of the Marseille club, who continue to pray for his departure. Jacques-Henri Eyraud is still trying his best to structure the club qualified for the next Champions League. With methods being discussed … And for which he was once again forced to justify himself.

“I have a tropism for American culture”

Mocked for his column published on LinkedIn, the president explained his attitude in the columns of France football. “LinkedIN is a network that brings together professionals, where we discuss the transformation of organizations. (…) From the moment hunting for talent is a priority goal for a football club, it seems logical to me to” express where there are talents that can be match. Results: this forum was viewed more than 50,000 times in a few days by a highly targeted population on a very organizational and structural theme “, explained the manager and adopted his original strategy.

“Everyone knows, I have a trope for American culture, I studied there, have spent a good part of my professional life. So it’s true that it exists in my language”, then added Jacques-Henri Eyraud. Not sure the Marseilles share this tropism … On the contrary.