Lille – President Gérard Lopez talks about the transfer window coming

The LOSC president believes that the forthcoming transfer window will be affected by the current crisis, but to a lesser extent than what was announced by some.

When the season is canceled some clubs will have financial complications and will have a good idea to sell next summer to refill their boxes. Based on a system aimed at making capital gains with young players, Lille is not worried about the current situation. Like the president, Gérard Lopez, who seems very clear about the summer that awaits European clubs and about the modified parameters of the transfer window that is coming.

“These clubs have excessive resources”

The question from L’Equipe revealed the manager profiles of players who are likely to suffer the crisis this summer. “First it is the young people with low wages. This transfer window is not affected. It may be a bit more of the cracks but the transactions are limited. The players remain the same. In the discussions lead, these clubs have excessive resources. Even today. (…) So I don’t see too many changes in this second category “, said Gérard Lopez, who therefore believes that, despite the financial crisis associated with the pandemic, football finances are still very large.

“Where there will be changes, a contraction, it will be for the middle markets, between EUR 10 and 35 million, for so-called medium-sized transfers. The big player, older, will be hampered by his large A foreign club can pay a transfer But it will not necessarily take several years with significant salaries. “, then added the president of the LOSC. A market where you can find young talents gets its full meaning.