Odegaard wants to play the Champions League next year

Currently on loan from Real Madrid to Real Sociedad, Martin Odegaard talked about his future and mentioned his desire to play C1.

Martin Odegaard is divided between his desire to succeed at Real Madrid and to continue his very successful loan on Real Sociedad’s side.

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The young Norwegian grandchildren could return to Real this summer or stay another season on loan in the Basque Country. What is certain for him is that he wants to play C1 next year.

“The goal is the Champions League and that’s what we want, because it’s a dream for every footballer in the world to play the Champions League, and that’s what we want to do next year.”, He said at a press conference.

As a reminder, Odegaard scored 7 goals and offered 8 assists in 28 meetings with Sociedad since the start of the season.