Senegal: partial resumption of lessons postponed, case of Covid-19 among teachers

On the face of this issue, the partial opening of classes did not eventually end in Senegal on Tuesday. It was exposed at the last minute by the authorities following the discovery of positive cases among teachers and to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. This turnaround responded in Dakar, where the decision to open schools was controversial since his announcement by President Macky Sall on May 11. We will be in the Senegalese capital of this newspaper.

Also in the headline of this magazine: tens of millions of teenagers from Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia are affected by the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, corresponding to the university’s patent. The tests are common in all these West African English speaking countries. The 2020 edition should have taken place between May and June, but everything has since been canceled in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. Students continue to prepare remotely to be ready as soon as a degree is set. Report in Nigeria with students and teachers.

Kenyans react to events in the United States after George Floyd’s death. “Silence is violence,” can be read on placards by protesters outside the US Embassy in Nairobi. Hundreds of people gathered to condemn racist police violence in the United States and to express their solidarity.

Finally, a spotlight in this issue on a survey published by National Geographicson Snake Bits, one of the oldest plagues that strikes the continent. Thomas Nicolon, photojournalist and former correspondent for France 24 in DR Congo, talks about this study conducted between Kenya, Central African Republic, Guinea and DRK.