Tributes to George Floyd – FIFA advocates “common sense”

Through a press release, FIFA called on the federations to “make good sense” to the players who have paid or will pay tribute to George Floyd.

The death of George Floyd, murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, unleashes passions in the United States, with many cities rising in recent days. The protest was even exported beyond America’s borders, and tributes are increasing all over the world. Germany and the Bundesliga were no exception to the rule last weekend, where several players celebrated their goals with demands.

FIFA defends players and claims fight racism

While the German Federation said it was proud to see players take a stand, however, it cautioned that sanctions are provided for this purpose in the rules. During the process, FIFA demanded “common sense” by the federations and asked for caution in connection with this necessary topic.

VIDEO – Thuram’s celebration in tribute to George Floyd

“FIFA fully understands the feelings and concerns expressed by many footballers in light of the tragic circumstances of the George Floyd affair. The importance and consideration of the context of the events”, we can read in a press release addressed to the Associated Press (AP), this Tuesday.

“FIFA has repeatedly declared itself resolute against racism and discrimination of all kinds […] FIFA itself has promoted many campaigns that often convey the message of racism in matches organized under their own auspices “, adds the international body.