VIDEO – Julian Nagelsmann (Leipzig): “Stay in the top 4”

The RB Leipzig coach was pleased with his team’s victory over Cologne (2-4) on Monday night at the press conference after the match.

RB Leipzig, who is better than the title race, stands nine points behind Bayern Munich, now the undisputed Bundesliga leader. Nevertheless, Julian Nagelsmann’s men still have goals to go for at the end of the season, those who are striving to qualify for the next Champions League. Winner against Cologne Monday night (2-4), Leipzig took advantage of just this passing to regain his place on the podium.

“If we want to stay in the top 4 we have to move on”

A good accounting transaction even though the content is not always flamboyant, it is enough to satisfy the meticulous Julian Nagelsmann, who had a smile at the press conference after the match. “We are happy to have won. I think we deserved the victory. It was not our best game, there was a lot of nervousness and confusion on both sides. Overall, it was an uneven performance” first analyzed the German technician.

“We have to improve in the next few weeks. The season is long for everyone. If we want to stay in the top 4 we have to improve, even if it is difficult. We will try and I am sure we will succeed.” , then warned the coach. Ambitious.