Auxerre, Basile Boli paid tribute to Jean-Claude Hamel

The former Auxerre defender, after growing up and training in Yonne, paid tribute to his spiritual father, Jean-Claude Hamel, who died on Tuesday.

The historic president of AJ Auxerre, whom he led between 1963 and 2009, Jean-Claude Hamel died on Tuesday at the age of 90. The former president of AJA was with Guy Roux, the major player in the rise of the Burgundian club to the top of the French football. At the top of AJA, he won, in particular, the Coupe de France four times as well as the title and French champion in 1996. Jean-Claude Hamel receives many tributes from personalities in French football, such as Basil Boli.

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Winner of the Champions League with Olympique de Marseille in 1993, the French defender left an unforgettable memory at OM, but it was in Auxerre that he grew up, trained and started in elite French football. The former defender, now 53, regarded Jean-Claude Hamel as “his spiritual father” and is now “an orphan heart”. Basile Boli paid tribute to him on Wednesday in an interview with L’Equipe.

“It was the pillar of AJ Auxerre”

“I visited him regularly. Well, regularly … The last time was six or seven months ago. I knew he was ill. Guy Roux kept me updated on his situation. So I I heard from him regularly. I was told his death last night (Tuesday) and many memories came to me Well, for example, every Sunday he had grilled at home in France that can do it. Can you imagine it today in a high-level club?“, explained Basile Boli.

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Do I feel like an orphan? Of course orphaned. That was the backbone of AJA. We have not known many presidents of this club. Forty-six is ​​almost an eternity. But he was a good moan. At the same time he had an incredible tenderness. When you had difficulties with your contract, it was basically Guy Roux who took care of it. But if the problem continued, you could call him and explain it to him. So he contacted Guy (Roux) and it worked often. He said to her, “My little one called me …”, added the former Auxerre defender.

Basile Boli recalled an anecdote about his former president: “He invited me on the day of the match against Arsenal in the European Cup (2002-2003 season; 0-1) at Abbé Deschamps. And since he wasn’t particularly interested in English, he had to struggle to communicate with the Gunners manager , he threw her a “Okay”, that’s all he could say (laughs) before turning to me and asking news from my wife, Geneviève, as if everyone was interested. The guy opposite understood nothing. He was too nice “.