Barça, back to education for Umtiti and Fati

Back to group training for Ansu Fati and Samuel Umtiti, according to Marcas information.

The duo trained alone for their return from injury, the rest of the team had completed a full training, knowing that anti-coronavirus restrictions have been reduced.

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Samuel Umtiti has been on his knee for 18 months, a persistent problem that significantly diminishes his role in Barça’s first team this season.

The French international was injured during the club’s first training day last month, but his quick recovery means he could be ready for the confrontation with Real Mallorca on June 13 at the time of the La Liga recovery for Barça.

Ansu Fati’s injury was less serious than the one in Umtiti, the club opted for precautionary action for the 17-year-old. The two players should therefore soon return to the group.