Former Secretary of Defense Donald Trump accuses him of trying to “divide” the United States

General James Mattis, who resigned as Secretary of Defense in December 2018, came out of his silence on Wednesday with very harsh words for his former chief Donald Trump.

James Mattis comes out of his silence. Former Secretary of Defense Donald Trump, who had resigned to protest the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, accused the US president of trying to “divide” America.

“In my lifetime, Donald Trump is the first president who does not try to bring Americans together, who do not even pretend to try,” he wrote in a statement published online Wednesday, June 3, by The Atlantic. “Instead, he is trying to divide us,” said the highly respected maritime general, who had so far shown his reservations.

“I observed the events this week, angry and frightened,” he continues in this spotless indictment, supporting the protesters who, in his opinion, “rightly” have equal rights.

The US president immediately went wild on Twitter, calling James Mattis “the most overrated general in the world” and “crazy dog.” “I’m glad he left!” The tenant insisted in the White House.

Being “up to our values”

Since the death on May 25 in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a black man aggravated by a white police officer, a wave of historical anger has arisen in American cities condemning racism, police violence and social inequalities. Lootings and riots punctured the movement, which began peacefully.

Donald Trump, very quiet in his response to the evils that protesters condemned, on the other hand used a war tone and threatened to take to the army to cushion the street, presenting himself as “President of Law and Order.”

“We must not be distracted by a handful of outlaws. The demonstrations are tens of thousands of principled people who insist that we live up to our values,” Jim Mattis said. “We must reject and be responsible for the power that mocks our constitution,” he added.

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