In Europe, borders are open to European tourists, on terms

Deconfinance in Europe is accompanied by the border opening. Since Wednesday, European tourists can return to Italy, while Germany announced the same day that the warnings for tourist travel in Europe will be lifted. However, a return to normal is not planned to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Little by little, Europe is forming and gradually opening its borders. A few weeks of summer holidays, the German government on Wednesday, June 3, decided to lift its warnings on tourist travel in Europe from June 15, while Italy opened the borders to European tourists on the same day.

For its part, Austria will cease Thursday, sooner than expected, systematic checks at its land borders, with the exception of those with Italy, three months after restricting freedom of movement to curb the coronavirus pandemic, the government said on Wednesday.

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Another European country has started on the same road: Belgium. Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès has announced that from June 15, the country will open its borders with the other countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the four non-EU Schengen countries.

Different measures depending on country

However, Sophie Wilmès advised travelers to make sure their movement was possible because “each country decides to open its borders alone” on its own terms. In addition, cafes, bars and restaurants can open again in Belgium under conditions from June 8, she said at a press conference.

In Germany, restrictions will still be strong, although “the Council of Ministers has decided not to extend travel warnings” to the EU and associated countries, to “replace them with recommendations” to travelers, countries by country, said Heiko Maas, Foreign Minister.

“No travel invitations”

“The recommendations (…) are not invitations to travel,” insisted the Socialist Minister, and asked the German tourists carefully weigh their decision before packing the bags. “We must avoid a resumption of tourism leading to a second wave of infections”

The relaxation of the restrictions does not mean that all trips are possible from June 15 across Europe, the minister warned.

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In Austria, too, the rules will be subject to rules. Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, for example, said to maintain restrictions with Italy due to the still sensitive epidemic situation in some regions of the country, including Lombardy and intends to analyze the situation again next week.

With regard to Austria, the abolition of checks on Thursday applies to Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Travelers from these European countries will no longer have to observe a quarantine upon their arrival in Austrian territory or present a negative test for the new coronavirus.

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