“In Iraq, the revival of the Islamic State”

In the press this morning, the revival of the Islamic State organization in Iraq, suffered more than 360 attacks in three months. Another new statement in the Adama Traoré case in France, where thousands of people gathered yesterday in memory of the young man who died at a police station in 2016 – meetings that reflect the demonstrations in the United States, following George Floyd’s death.

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According to the French website Mediapart, the jihadist organization benefits from “the fragility of the Iraqi power, the demoralization of the security forces and the US liberation” and now chooses “simple targets in places modest, often unprotected”, including village managers, of which several dozen were murdered. -governmental organization, the organization still has nearly 12,000 combatants in Iraq.

In France, the causes of death are addressed to Adama Traore, a 24-year-old African American young man who died in July 2016 in a gendarmerie rack, to the battle for expertise. According to Le Parisien, the latest hitherto, on behalf of the family, validates the thesis on suffocation during his immobilisation. This scenario has been supported from the beginning by those close to Adama Traore, who condemn a “denial of justice” and called for meetings in several cities last night. In Paris, thousands of people have gathered, despite the police ban. Some of them held up signs associated with the names of Adama Traore and George Floyd.

In the United States, the demonstrations continue in tribute to this African American, who was killed during his arrest by a white police officer, and has a worldwide impact. According to The Washington Post, which specifically cites the Adama Traore case in France, the shock wave following George Floyd’s death encourages “existing movements against racial violence worldwide.” “People around the world understand that their own struggle for human rights, for equality and equality will be even more difficult if America” ​​I have a dream “, Martin’s dream Luther King, disappears,” comments a former ambassador. The American newspaper also quotes, as an explanation for this global reaction, “the left’s old hostility to American imperialism, which it considers in combination with domestic hypocrisy”. An attitude “exacerbated by general antipathy towards Donald Trump”.

The appearance, Monday night, of the US president in front of a church in Washington branding the Bible after evacuating the protesters is represented with irony in the British newspaper The Independent, by cartoonist Dave Brown, who shows it in front of the church “Saint Don” the evil one, whose sermons are daily on Twitter. In his hand the book “The Art of Kneeling”, referring to his best seller, “The Art of Negotiation”, and death by choking George Floyd. His motto: “an eye for an eye, a knee for a windpipe”.