Murder of Jamal Khashoggi: his great-grandmother’s struggle to find out the truth

This is an unexpected development in the Khashoggi case. The sons of a Saudi journalist who was murdered in 2018 at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul recently said they “forgave” their father’s killer. An announcement that would allow the five accused to escape the death penalty. The victim’s fiancée Hatice Cengiz is determined to know the truth. A guest of the English version of Express Orient, she is demanding an “impartial” trial.

Also included in this program: places of worship and companies in the Middle East will open again. The Esplanade Mosque in Jerusalem, the Birth Basilica in Bethlehem or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul … After more than two months of confinement, believers return to their places of worship. They now have to pray while wearing masks and respecting safety distances.

Finally, in Iran, the authorities issued a harsh reminder to users of social networks. The veil remains mandatory for women. An influencer was recently arrested for posting videos deemed “non-Islamic”. Report from our Tehran correspondent, Reza Sayah, with Nina Masson