the first round of the presidential election was set for June 28

Originally scheduled for May 10, the first round of presidential elections in Poland will take place on June 28, authorities said on Wednesday. Voting could not take place on schedule due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first round of the presidential election in Poland will take place on June 28, authorities said on Wednesday. The investigation was canceled last month due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the polls, a candidate for the Liberal opposition may beat outgoing Head of State, Andrzej Duda, who is seeking re-election and is supported by the right-wing conservative nationalist government.

According to the Constitution, “I set the date for the election for Sunday, June 28,” Wednesday explained to the press President of the Diet (House of Commons) Elzbieta Witek, a member of the Party of Law and Justice (PiS, with capacity).

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Elzbieta Witek recalled the date announced last week by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the powerful leader of PiS, who, without holding an official position, has been regarded as the de facto leader of Poland since 2015.

If none of the candidates in the first round receives more than 50% of the vote, the second round between the two remaining candidates will be held on 12 July.

Selections adapted to Covid-19

Originally, the vote would be held on May 10, but it was canceled at the last minute due to the inability of the Nationalist Conservative government to find a compromise with the opposition on the way forward, in the midst of a pandemic, and faces doubts about its legality and possible modalities.

After joining the election after the May poll was postponed, Warsaw’s central mayor, Rafal Trzaskowski, will only have seven days to collect 100,000 signatures on support formally needed, and the nine other candidates, including Andrzej Duda, have obtained permission to take advantage of previously collected signatures.

A weakened outgoing president

President’s long-standing favorite of the election, President Duda seems to lose popularity in recent weeks as the pandemic crisis begins to hit the Polish economy. Trzaskowski.

On Tuesday, Parliament passed a new electoral law that prescribes a mixed postal and conventional vote to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. A total of 24,545 infections and 1,102 deaths have been registered in Poland, which has 38 million inhabitants.

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